FreeLegalWeb Now Available: New UK Free Access to Law Service

FreeLegalWeb — a new UK free access to law service — is now available in beta.

FreeLegalWeb aims to offer free-of-charge online access to primary law of the UK, user-generated legal commentary, and relevant resources available on the free Web, all linked automatically by a content-analysis system.

According to the service’s About page, the beta version of FreeLegalWeb includes the following:

  • core end-user functionality for browsing and searching the resources;
  • a selected range of primary and secondary law resource records in the Citator; and
  • authored content focused on Housing Law only.

Click here for a list of primary law included in FreeLegalWeb.

The service has been developed by Nick Holmes of infolaw, Harry Metcalfe of The Dextrous Web, and Robert Casalis de Pury of UniRom Systems.

For details of the development of FreeLegalWeb, please see the FreeLegalWeb blog.

For more information, please see the Free Legal Web About page.

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