Friday Fab Five and One More: Service, Service, Service

Hey GovLoopers! It’s Friday – thank goodness.

Just wanted to alert you to some great things out on GovLoop this week. There has been a real theme this week on serving people better – externally and internally.

Our quote today comes from our HR GovGal, Doris Tirone “The titles “Manager” and “Supervisor” are not just about prestige or more pay; these titles come with additional and serious responsibilities, many of which are not easy to enforce or quick to deliver results.”

Managers serve their employees, as much as employees serve their customers. Doris has a lot of great advice about keeping employees happy, actively involved, and productive.

Our group this week – Customer Service in Government – created by our own Dear Wendi, who has some great tips how to improve great customer service!

Our member this week is GovGreeter Extraordinaire – James E – you probably have had some interaction with him on the site. James is a super great guy who works for the US Postal Service in my home state of Missouri!

Lastly – there are two different blogs you should check out. One is about serving the community. GovLoop’s own, Megan Price has written a brief blog about the Lend-A-Hand Happy Hour, which will take place on September 21st – so be sure to sign up for that. Also, to better serve the GovLoop community, Fellow Pat Fiorenza wrote a great guide for the PMF Application process.

Forgot one last forum you guys should check out! Social Media Content: The Endless Debate.

That is it from me! Have a great weekend and I will see you next week!

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