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Friday Fab Five: How Do We Solve Government’s Problems?

Its FRIDAY, FRIDAY, Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend! If you have not yet seen Stephen Colbert cover this song you should.

Since it is Friday, it means another installment of Paul’s Fab Five Pick!

1. Blog of the Week: Summer has neared the end and featured blogger John Bordeaux discusses the roles of metaphors inside the beltway in his new blog Summering From Behind.

2. Forum of the Week: GovLooper, Christine Jacobs, poses questions about the problems facing young people getting their foot in the door for fed jobs:What Should Be Done About Federal Hiring?

3. Member of the Week: Treasury Worker, Ernie Beltz, who has written some interesting blogs of late about the Veteran Recruitment Process.

4. Group of the Week: Be sure to check out the Young Government Leaders group.

5. Quote of the Week: Justin Grimes replied to “Can you use ONE WORD to describe the biggest facing today’s government leaders” by stating “themselves”

Well that is it from me today! Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Paul, GovLoop Fellow

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