Friday Fab Five: How Far Do We Want to Push the Envelope?

Hello GovLoopers! Thank goodness it is Friday. What a crazy week it has been. Hope you all have great weekend plans. Here are my Friday picks of the week.

Top Forum: Candace Riddle asks how the Blackberry Outage is affecting you.

Top Blog: Featured Blogger Jenn Gustetic points out Why Innovators Should Be Paying Attention.

Member of the Week: Wednesday evening I attended the Lend a Hand Happy Hour (there will be another one coming up in November) and met Shawn Jirik. Shawn is currently working for Healing Works to fund eastern medicine practices to veterans.

Group of the Week: PMFs and Alums so the newly minted class can join their brethren.

Quote of the Week: Just one word “Cyberazzi” posted in Government Use of Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary.

Well that’s it from me! Hope you enjoy these links!

Happy GovLooping,


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