Friday Fab Five: What Will You Leave Behind?

Happy Friday GovLoopers! I go to school with a lot of people that are quite a bit younger than me. And although are age difference is not visibly noticeable – it becomes clear at certain points in conversation that a lot of them are a different generation from me. They come at life from a different time frame.

We are experiencing a generational shift in government currently. Where the baby boomers are beginning to retire (or have already), and generation X is moving into senior management. It is a different viewpoint and a different perspective. Its not better, its not worse, its just different. With that said here are the FabFive.

Top Blog: Jim Elliott wrote a great blog about what you will leave behind called Legacy.

Top Forum: Danielle Blumenthal posted a great discussion about innovative new ways to reach a younger demographic.

Top Member: Scott Span who runs a consulting company in DC.

Top Group: The Android Users Group

Top Quote: Is not from the site but I almost put it in the newsletter

“Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age” – Victor Hugo

Have a great weekend!!

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