Full PRINCE2 Training Manual

PRINCE2 Training

Today I would like to share this with you. If you are interested in the PRINCE2 certification I suggest you check out this free manual for assistance on understanding the standard and guidance on the exam, in addition to the official PRINCE2 manual. Frank Turley put this training manual together, whom I interviewed Inside pmStudent e-Learning about PRINCE2 before.

From Frank:

The PRINCE2 Training Manual

  • This is a full PRINCE2 manual for people who wish to learn PRINCE2
  • The objective is to make it as easy as possible to learn and understand PRINCE2
  • We do this by

1. Using simple English and explain PRINCE2 terms with examples

2. Provide examples of documents used in a project.

3. Provide in PDF format making it easy to search

4. Provide questions at the end of each chapter,….

How is our Training Manual different from the official OGC PRINCE2 manual?

  • The OGC manual is a very good reference manual but not a training manual
  • This manual provides more examples and could explains all new terms in a simple way.
  • This manual therefore supports the official OGC PRINCE2 manual.

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