Geothermal Energy, Made Even Better by Indie Energy

Indie Energy Smart Geothermal™ for Buildings from Indie Energy on Vimeo.

Indie Energy‘s innovative geothermal system has gained the company a lot of attention and support since its founding in 2006. Their system makes it possible to install an energy-saving geothermal system for a building at any site. As the video above explains, geography, geology, foundations, sub-surface garages and parking lots make no difference to Indie Energy’s system. This is possible because the Indie Energy system records data from inside and outside the building each minute and continually adjusts the geothermal system accordingly. Sunny parts of a building will register as warmer than shady parts, and the system is able to respond appropriately.

Why is this flexibility good? The real-time system accounts for environmental changes (sun, snow) and grid changes (price). This should translate into energy savings and a more comfortable indoor climate, hopefully helping to avoid the traditional summer freeze-outs that many experience in office buildings with a traditional thermostat system.

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