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Get a Fresh Look at Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When was the last time you sat down and systematically looked at your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?

Okay, to be honest, reviewing our weaknesses can be a painful reminder of the areas we wish we were stronger in; reviewing our strengths can be uplifting, but ultimately, the exercise is designed to make us better as we become more aware.

One of our strengths, as a consultant, is our ability to be objective in collecting the information and framing the data once we have it. We are firmly committed to increasing your success and the ultimate success of your organization.

Marcus Buckingham, Cambridge educated researcher, writer and business consultant, co-wrote Now, Discover Your Strengths with Don Clifton. Based on massive research, the book describes the characteristics of great performers. Starting with illustrations about well-known personalities, such as Warren Buffet and Tiger Woods, it shows how such people build on their strengths and manage the consequences of their weaknesses. Often associated with the “strengths movement”, Buckingham discounts the notion of working too hard on your weakness and instead focusing on, and making even stronger, your own personal strengths. According to Buckingham and Clifton, the key to a more vibrant and more engaged workforce is to help people celebrate their strengths while working around their weaknesses.

Sometimes, weaknesses are just opportunities in disguise. An opportunity to mentor a future leader whose strengths complement your weaknesses; an opportunity to embrace a strategic partnership to add strength where you need it; perhaps, an opportunity to become a more well-rounded leader, by turning weaknesses into strengths.

Shouldn’t you have that same opportunity?

While there may well be no “one right answer”, part of any journey to become better starts with a critical self-evaluation.

We offer numerous programs designed to help you assess and then address those issues you need to become stronger as a leader. We offer:

  • Online and paper-based assessment tools
  • Leadership development consulting services
  • A menu of over 100 training courses targeted for:

○ People transitioning into management

○ Front-line managers

○ Mid-level managers

○ Executives

○ Networking training and consulting

○ Executive coaching

Additionally, we are pleased to offer a new program for 2014, our Transformational Leadership Forum. This is an exciting opportunity to learn and grow from our experts as well as your peers. Click here to learn more.

Visit us at www.boxeradvisors.com for more information on how we can help you with your strengths and weaknesses testing.

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