3 Resources That Are Making My Job Easier


A few weeks ago, I posted recommendations on how to gain professional development in 15 minutes a day. Practicing what I preach, I spent 15 minutes one day last week on GovLoop’s blog and what I learned is already being used to better my organization.

  1. Customer Experience – I shared this blog with a team who is redesigning how we receive and operationalize customer feedback. It spoke to the heart of what we are hearing from customers – our people are great, but there is breakdown in their experience when it comes to the process and the outcome. We are now looking to reformat and redevelop content in our customer feedback channels to focus on our people, processes and outcomes to create more relevant and actionable data about the overall customer experience, not just customer service.
  2. Safari Books Online – In this blog post, I got my summer reading list organized and also learned about Safari Books Online in the comments. Our talent management office is building a leadership and learning library for our employees. Since our staff is deployed throughout the state, I thought an option like Safari may be better than a library of physical books. We are now testing it out to see if it fits our needs.
  3. Employee Engagement – We have a team working on employee engagement as part of our strategic plan. I shared this blog with the leadership team who is reviewing its content to determine how the points raised can enhance our employee engagement efforts.

In 15 minutes one afternoon, I provided my organization with three useful resources that are shaping what we do and how we do it.

What have you found most useful on the GovLoop blog in the last few weeks?

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Olivia Jefferson

Awesome post Meredith, glad to see you’re finding the content here on GovLoop not just interesting, but also useful for improving your work environment.

Meredith Benton

Olivia, Thanks for your comment. I am glad you liked the post. I hope others find it interesting that in 15 minutes on the blog, I found three great resources for my agency. It speaks to the relevance and applicability of the content. Huge kudos to the team for providing us the tools and resources we need.