Get Rid of That Stuff!

Many of us have used our local Freecycle networks, but sometimes it’s a little scary giving out your email/address/phone number to strangers. The concept of giving and getting free stuff is awesome, especially when it keeps that “stuff” out of a landfill and helps save your money! What about the extra “stuff” you keep pushing around at work because you can’t bear to throw it away but might still be useful for someone else? (Anyone need about 200 slightly used document protectors and a few 3-ring binders?)

The solution is [email protected] – a free web-based application supported by Intuit (you know, the people who give us TurboTax and Quicken) and built using Intuit QuickBase. http://quickbase.intuit.com/freecycle
Users signup with their company email address and can only access their company and its users. Once they confirm their email address, users can access from anywhere and post Offers (with photos), Wanteds, and manage their own posts.

See if your company is participating, and if not you can sign up and get access as a moderator! I was shocked to have been the first person to sign up with an af.mil address, and now I am the proud(?) moderator of the AF Freecycle @Work application. Who’s in?

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