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The Air Force Has a Plan for Testing Cyber Aptitude

Much like the military’s use of the Defense Language Aptitude Battery to test a person’s ability to learn a foreign language, the Air Force is developing an assessment tool to help determine a recruit’s ability to operate in the cyber domain. There are assessments out there today, but the Air Force needs to decide how… Read more »

Air Force saves more than a BILLION dollars on energy – Find out how they did it

The Air Force is the single largest consumer of energy in the federal government. Last year alone the Air Force spent more than $9 billion on fuel and electricity. The energy bill constitutes more than 8 percent of the Air Force budget. But it could of been much higher. Dr. Kevin Geiss is the DeputyRead… Read more »

Air Force Case Study: Cost Savings from Modernizing Technology

Everywhere you look technology has been implemented to help government agencies cut costs and improve efficiencies. At all levels of government, agencies are working to cut and streamline services. Amidst a staggering economy, agencies are continually pressed to meet increasing demands from citizens, while funding resources becomes increasingly scarce. Ultimately, many agencies have looked towardsRead… Read more »

Holograms for the Intelligence Community, White House Mandates Digitization, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: The Air Force issued a broad agency announcement for concept papers to develop its Cyberspace Warfare Operations focusing on offensive capabilities. More here. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is looking to develop holographic imagery and data displays. More here. The Federal CIO Council released recommendationsRead… Read more »

Get Rid of That Stuff!

Many of us have used our local Freecycle networks, but sometimes it’s a little scary giving out your email/address/phone number to strangers. The concept of giving and getting free stuff is awesome, especially when it keeps that “stuff” out of a landfill and helps save your money! What about the extra “stuff” you keep pushingRead… Read more »