Get your City on the CityLife iPhone App!

Unless you live in an exceptionally forward-thinking city, your city website is probably not your one-stop-shop for community info. Most people utilize a conglomeration of sources (local newspapers, GoogleMaps, school publications, Chambers of Commerce) to stay informed and involved.

That is going to change with CityLife: the upcoming mobile community app for iPhone. CityLife eliminates the searching and provides the answers you need in a format that’s easy and fun. (Read more about What is CityLife?)

What would you like to put in your pocket? Maps for playgrounds, public toilets, street closures, libraries? The latest local new, police updates, the mayors twitter feed? A mobile calendar with cultural events, films, sports?

Provide us with all the news, events and map feeds you would like to see by filling out this form. And we’ll bring that to your CityLife app soon!

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