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YouTown — Gov2.0 app for publishing civic data — is live!

It’s been nearly a year since we introduced the concept of YouTown — a mobile platform for connecting citizens and their communities — to the Gov2.0 space. At the heart of development were two questions: How would local governments benefit from the ability to publish all types of information from various agencies (from Public WorksRead… Read more »

Looking for an easy way to access municipal services? There’s an app for that.

Online services are becoming available in an increasing number of cities and towns: from paying traffic tickets to researching zoning codes, you can probably do it from the municipal website of any forward-thinking community. However, as mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, many cities are examining options for taking online information to the nextRead… Read more »

Looking for Local Art, Trails, Public Buildings? There’s an app for that.

Imagine the convenience of having maps to community locations and attractions right on your mobile device. No more driving about searching for that park you know is somewhere around, or wondering where you can find the historical sites in your area. There’s a new way for cities and towns to provide location-based information about everythingRead… Read more »

Hi, I’m YouTown!

Crosspost of The Big News The engines are running, the partner cities are rolling, the Beta is launching — it is the time for exciting new beginnings. With this spirit in mind, DotGov is proud to announce the release of the official name for our new mobile app: YouTown. The previously mentioned name, “CityLife,”Read… Read more »

Winning CityLife App Partner Cities Announced!

Crosspost: As we approached the Beta release of our new mobile app CityLife, we called for volunteers. Ten lucky communities would receive free versions of CityLife to test for themselves — to experience the integration of a slick mobile platform with all the services and info of a municipal website — and to giveRead… Read more »

Get your City on the CityLife iPhone App!

Unless you live in an exceptionally forward-thinking city, your city website is probably not your one-stop-shop for community info. Most people utilize a conglomeration of sources (local newspapers, GoogleMaps, school publications, Chambers of Commerce) to stay informed and involved. That is going to change with CityLife: the upcoming mobile community app for iPhone. CityLife eliminatesRead… Read more »

What is the CityLife Mobile App?

This is a crosspost of: Connecting citizens to their local governments or communities can be tough. This is partly because people now expect to get their day-to-day information in a slick, quick format — from the Internet, and more recently, on their mobile devices. While most cities and towns provide websites to keep citizensRead… Read more »

Why Govt Websites Should Be Archived

This is a crosspost of Websites have become an integral part of every modern organization, including the government. Every day, a constant stream of information is being posted on the web. For government, every data published is considered as a Public Record, which by law should be retained and disclosed to the citizens, wheneverRead… Read more »

What do Government Websites and AMEX have in common?

“In 2003, California resident Vee Vinhnee filed for bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. He owed American Express more than $40,000 on his credit cards. American Express (Amex) sued Vinhnee to recover the balances owed on the cards. In Vinhnee vs. American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc., Vinhnee won his case without a lawyer andRead… Read more »