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Giving Thanks for School Pride

There’s bound to be plenty of talk about what we are thankful for this week as we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, so I wanted to share a project that we’ve been working on at HP that I’m extremely thankful for.

We’ve been lucky enough to connect with NBC’s new show School Pride to bring computers to underserved schools across the country. HP is serving as the official technology provider, providing a wide range of education technology for the classrooms, labs and libraries at each of the seven schools appearing on the show.

As a parent, the show has had a special impact on me – it’s hard to believe some of the conditions that students around the country have to live with on a daily basis, and it has been powerful to watch the show and see how happy the students and teachers are with the renovations. In one episode a teacher’s wish was to have the windows not leak when it rained. What a simple yet large request of this teacher. Could you imagine trying to learn long division while your desk is getting wet with rain?

The show is more than just a donation of a computer lab – the show brings together members of the local communities to directly impact the schools and help children in their neighborhoods.

The show airs Friday nights at 8 – so if you are home with the family this week after Thanksgiving, check out this week’s episode where they will be renovating a school in Los Angeles.

And although the show has wrapped up filming for this season – there is still a chance to make an impact. The “My School Pride” competition is giving you the chance to vote for one school that will win a new computer lab. Voting is open until next Monday, so check out the site, and cast your vote for a school in need!

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