Good data, is the answer in the clouds?

Question I asked during a Q&A session at Transportation Camp East with H. Giovanni Carnaroli, Senior Accountable Official for Open Gov, USDOT, Peter Appel, Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, USDOT, and Charles Monheim, Chief Operating Officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

I have always questioned if technology and information gathered by the Department of Defense could be used for transportation. My vision is a government supported 3D virtual world located in a cloud.

Technology currently developed by the military to fight on the battlefield where multiple forces and Countries supply real-time information from units on land, sea, air share information. This information collected in a central database then visualized for analysis by Commanding Leadership.

This concept could easily transition to the civilian transportation world. The virtual 3D transportation world build in a cloud could gather 3D final as-built scans of projects, display condition, show projected life cycle, and store metadata. The public could have access through a virtual wiki. This virtual world could be a source for Planners and Engineers to display future projects and needs. Thousands of data collect hours could be saved from crowd sources. Third party developer could use this information to build private virtual worlds. People could telecommute to and telework in these worlds without the current drawbacks. It may sound like a pipe dream but it is a cost effective and sustainable one.

Transportation Camp East

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