Good news series: Homeland security state budget projections and business opportunities

Deltek Sr. Analyst Chris Cotner reports.

By Chris Cotner, Jeff Webster, Evan Halperin, Kristin Howe, and Joanna Salini

With all of the challenges faced by businesses and government this past year, the state and local contracting community has certainly been in need of some good news. At INPUT, we strive to bring the GovCon community actionable, good news that is based upon solid data and analysis. As illustrated in a previous article, here, INPUT developed a set of statistical projection models to examine future state budget trends in the homeland security (HS) vertical. In brief, state HS budgets are projected to increase looking forward. The following analysis explains both the methodology and projections in some detail.

The Projections

Taking a look at figure 1, above, the projection looks even better than the previous overall state budget projection data (here).There is a downtick in FY 2011, followed by a 0.86 percent increase in FY 2012. Considering that most verticals are experiencing budgetary drops in FY 2012, this is great news! For more projection data, subscribers can see the full article, here.

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