Good Peeps to Have

I’m trying to keep my total Twitter list under 200 to keep up, but there are so many fascinating people. Here are just a few, whittled down for a Top 10 list after tipped by GovLoopers @ariherzog and @krazykriz (I kinda skipped the niche theme, except in the sense that I am my own niche):

@ariherzog – he’s a giving networker and a real pro
@trib – smart, helpful Aussie, check!
@CCseed – because everybody needs Jung quotes
@You2Gov – it’s our democracy, dammit!
@meghan1018 – the only twitter mom I follow?/my cool local peep
@bobgower – bobcanhelp
@anthonyidem – he gets it, and stays humble
@amcafee – because #andyasks is so darn fun!
@helenmosher – if she follows anyone else, Helen will never finish grad school!
@THE_REAL_SHAQ – More powerful than a locomotive, and Chris Brogan, even!

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Andrea Baker

I have to agree with you as I follow 50% of those you listed. I tried for the longest time to keep my follow list short and easy to follow, to ease the FOMO. However, there are just too many smart people in the world and I don’t mind their noise.