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All About Clarity

Performance Management has been part of many workplace discussions for several years now. But many people—managers and employees alike—still don’t understand what it is and how it can help everyone. At its most basic, performance management is all about clarity: clear expectations about both performance and on-the-job conduct or behavior.And while it can take timeRead… Read more »

Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Manage Performance

Performance management is all about clarity: clear expectations about both performance and on-the-job conduct or behavior. While it takes time and effort to set up a performance management program, there are some things managers and employees can incorporate into their regular work activities. Here are ten things to know about performance management: Remember that performanceRead… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons DISCO and OPM Reject Security Clearance Requests

Check out this just released list of top 10 reasons that security clearance requests are rejected. You may have thought drug use or credit issues were to blame, but it’s not nearly as juicy as that. It’s mundane, simple mistakes such as missing information, lack of fingerprint cards or not providing information for relatives whoRead… Read more »

Top 5 things I learned from the biggest tech conference in the US.

Over the past week I attended a conference called Dreamforce 2011. Dreamforce played host to 45,000 people, all of whom are interested in running applications in the cloud. Since GovDelivery (where I work)has been all about cloud computing for over a decade, they were speaking my language! There were plenty of big name speakers likeRead… Read more »

FedSMC 2011 Makes Some Headlines!

Never too early to start thinking about FedSMC 2012 – but before we go there, I want to share some highlights of 2011! FedSMC 2011 Headlines: FedSMC 2011 Made The Top Five Most Important Government Events of 2011. Thanks to and all the voters! Feds Respond to Averted Shutdown“Federal employees attending the Federal SeniorRead… Read more »

How Well Does the PR Industry Promote Itself?

In a world of media overload and convergence everywhere, I wonder which media/PR companies do their own best marketing and outreach? I ran acorss an article on Etrade this morning which is worthy of a read, because all gov agencies have public affairs offices and many may use PR firms to help them with theirRead… Read more »

Top Five Things to Consider Before Leaving Your Current Job and Starting a New One

So my boss is transferring to another agency in less than three weeks and its up to me to make this transition smooth. Because let’s face it, he’s got one foot out the door and we’re an office of just three people (including my soon-to-be-gone boss). We’re responsible for 300+ civilians and all of theirRead… Read more »

Good Peeps to Have

I’m trying to keep my total Twitter list under 200 to keep up, but there are so many fascinating people. Here are just a few, whittled down for a Top 10 list after tipped by GovLoopers @ariherzog and @krazykriz (I kinda skipped the niche theme, except in the sense that I am my own niche):Read… Read more »