Good Read: From Louis Vuitton To Daft Punk, How Pharrell Williams Is The Ultimate Collaborator

Originally posted on #GovLife.

First off, I’d just like to say, is Pharrell ever going to age???!! But seriously, he looks the same as he did in N.E.R.D. Yeah, I went there.

But seriously, I haven’t followed Pharrell’s career that closely to know about a lot of the collaborations he’s done, so coming across this Fast Company article was a bit of a surprise.While the article itself isn’t anything particularly exciting, I strongly encourage you to spend the 40 minutes listening to the audio of the interview.

One of my favourite parts is when Pharrell talks about his responsibility as a music producer. He’s there to enable the artist to succeed, to push them out of their comfort zone and make them look good. In office terms, he’s the team/project leader who’s responsibility is to make their team succeed, and continuously learn and improve. He also talks about dealing with egos. How? Just take a listen.

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