Good Read: The one thing that truly motivates creative talent – and how to foster it

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I read a lot of articles about creativity because I think it’s important (and interesting) – particularly for the public service. As public servants, we’re not mandated to be mundane, so why do we just let it happen? But I digress.

Deborah Morrison’s The one thing that truly motivates creative talent talks about the one key element that can take a B employee to an A+ employee: intrinsic motivation. Regardless of what industry you’re in, this is relevant. Morrison writes, “Intrinsic motivation is the mojo that breathes life into curiosity and lifelong learning, into building new and better skills, into making individually defined talent level bloom into something of value to the whole. It pushes us to go beyond obligation in our work.”

How can we attract more intrinsically motivated people to the public service?

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