Good Read: 10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You

Originally posted on #GovLife.

The public service is a huge organization with people leaving every day. But with austerity measures in place, I’ve seen and heard about staggering numbers of young, incredibly talented, and smart people leaving. This worries me.

What does the public sector of the future look like without these talented folks? Yes, of course we will adapt and survive, but how would it have looked if they hadn’t left?

While reading 10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You, I couldn’t help but imagine that a lot of these are reasons why these people did leave. Be it a department or agency, or the public service writ large, these points are key to keeping your best and brightest.

A favourite:

3. You failed to engage their creativity: Great talent is wired to improve, enhance, and add value. They are built to change and innovate. They NEED to contribute by putting their fingerprints on design. Smart leaders don’t place people in boxes – they free them from boxes. What’s the use of having a racehorse if you don’t let them run?

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