Google Passes MSFT in Valuation, More iPhone 5 issues and more


Everyone’s favorite search engine is starting to really make some money

Here are today’s top news and stories.

  • Google’s (GOOG) stock price has been steadily growing for the past 3 months. Their current market cap is $248B, second only to Apple. Google’s Android is the leading mobile operating system for all smartphones, and a close second in the tablet market. Microsoft has their eggs in the Windows 8 basket – and no one can be sure how that will end up. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Pew Research Center has found that over half of US adults now own a tablet or a smartphone – even more telling are the statistics of tablet OS’s and use. Pew has found that iPad market share has dropped from 81% to 52% in the past year, with Android making up 48% of the total (and the Kindle Fire with a huge 21% of all tablet owners). Pew finds that most tablet users use their devices for 90 minutes every day, with 1/3 of all adults using mobile devices to consume their news. Via Tech Hive, more here.
  • The EU is finding Apple’s 1-year warranty practice “unacceptable” – the EU is under the impression that all devices should be sold with 2 year warranties instead of the 1-year that comes with Apple products. Via Phonearena, more here.
  • TechCrunch is insisting that Amazon has nothing to worry about from Oracle – At Oracle Open World, Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, is trying to sell the Oracle public/private capability. But, by ignoring developers, they will cause their own defeat. More here.
  • If you are experiencing camera issues with the iPhone 5, you’re holding it wrong – It seems that nothing to do with the iPhone 5 is going right, unless you’re talking sales and iOS6 adoption that is. However, a recent issue is popping up with light flares, an issue that has the following solutions “Angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures.” Wow. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • The iPhone 5 carrier data leak bug might be an iPhone 5 (or iOS6 concern) – while this issue first popped up on Verizon Wireless users (the device was using wireless data while connected to WiFi), it appears to be effecting AT&T users as well. VZW is giving users a pass on this data usage (and as already released the fix). We’ll be tracking this as it unfolds. Via 9to5Mac, more here.
  • Security flaw in Twitter allows users to steal accounts and sell them – There is a flaw in Twitter that is allowing malicious actors to take over Twitter accounts and sell them. Via SlashGear, more here.
  • Chinese Companies continue to buy Cheap US clean tech assets – A Chinese renewable power company (Hanenergy) is buying the thin film solar startup Miasole for merely $30M. Miasole had raised at least $500M to scale up manufacturing, yet are selling for cents on the dollar. Via GigaOM, more here.
  • The UK publisher Future has made $8M from the iOS application, Newsstand – while many publishers are being run out of business, Future is making money off of iOS users. Publishers should take a look how they are doing business, and how they can copy that model. Via Phonearena, more here.
  • Droid-Life is floating a rumor that the next Nexus device might be out in 30 days – It has almost been 1-year since the Galaxy Nexus was unveiled, might it soon be time for the next “Nexus” device, along with Android 4.2? Via Droid-Life, more here.
  • Iran has restored access to Gmail after week-long block – I don’t know if I could go a full week without my email, and would hate for my government to force me. But it appears that the Iranian government has relented. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • HP releases details on the ElitePad – and Gizmodo quite likes it. If you are interested in a Windows RT or Windows 8 tablet, this might be the one you look into. More here.
  • Sharp (producer of iPhone 5 screens) is producing a 5″ 1080p smartphone screen – while rumors abound what they are building these for, the full HD 5″ LCD screen is clearly headed to a smartphone soon. Sharp is in the middle of some rough financial times, but seems to be just barely keeping afloat. Via Engadget, more here.

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