GovBytes: Arkansas positions itself as video conference, communication leader

According to this article, over at Government Technology, Arkansas is paving the way for what future telecommunication and video conferencing infrastructure could look like for other states.

The state is in the midst of developing a next-generation communications system that will give users state-of-the-art video, data and voice services, including the ability to video chat from any mobile device.

And while the article does acknowledge that the current method to video conference is to schedule a time and physical location for the persons meeting, it does say virtual meeting from any mobile device is coming down the pike.

Arkansas CTO and director of the state’s Department of Information Systems, Claire Bailey, says that as traffic migrates to teleconferencing-ready devices such as the iPad, other tablets, and smart phones, the natural progression will be toward more mobile-to-mobile video communication.

I think this is a great idea, and I applaud Arkansas for committing itself to next-generation technology. But with other platforms available for video-conferencing, such as Skype or Google + Hangouts, do you think a system such as this will be viable, or needed?

Could you see your state or agency implementing a system similar to this? Will this change the way we collaborate and work together?

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