GovBytes: Car that sells excess energy back to the grid

According to an article over at Government Technology, energy company, NRG Energy, and the University of Delaware are partnering to develop commercially available technology that would allow electric cars to sell excess energy back to the grid.

“This technology can be paid well, to provide the short bursts of back-and-forth power that we use to correct imbalances in the electric power grid,” lead professor Willet Kempton said in a news release from the university. “In the future, this technology will be important for smoothing out the fluctuations in renewable energy production.”

As more and more electric vehicles go into production, the ability for vehicles to act as generators while they are charging could provide many benefits. Electric vehicle owners could generate money, overall energy prices could be lower, and reserves of energy can be put back in the grid when demand is high.

What do you think about electric vehicles? Do you think they are going to revolutionize the way we travel? Would you like the option to sell some of your excess energy back to the grid?


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