GovBytes: Cars May Soon Be Able to Power Traffic Signals

An article in GovTech this morning features new technology by MotionPower-Express Systems being tested in Roanoke, Virginia. They have recently installed rumble strips along roads that capture energy as cars drive over them. The kinetic energy being generated would be converted into electricity, and that electricity would power the traffic signals at the upcoming intersection.

According to New Energy [Technologies], if used over the course of a full day the energy producing rumble strips could power a large electronic billboard for a full day. The rumble strips could be installed at exit ramps, toll booths, traffic intersections and other high-traffic areas, according to the company.

Similar technologies are being explored to create sustainable energy from walking and ocean waves.

Do you think this technology would be successful in your city?

Roanoke, Va., Tests Power-Generating Rumble Strip


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Lisa Coates

This would be great for our city, since we have a lot of downtown traffic. I can see this being a trend for many cities as long as its not too costly to install.