GovBytes: Michelle Obama catches the Pinterest bug

Pinterest, with tremendous growth as of late, has made a splash in the world of social media. The photo-sharing website was the fastest website ever to break through 10 million unique visitors, and 40-60 percent of registrants regularly use the service after they’ve created accounts.

First Lady Michelle Obama Joins Pinterest

The service hasn’t escaped the scope of the social-savvy White House administration, and in particular, Michelle Obama. The First Lady joined Pinterest this week and has already gained a strong following of over 7,000 people. Though officially the President’s campaign manages the account, posts made by the first lady are signed “- mo,” for Michelle Obama.

Though the Pinterest account is officially run by the campaign, posts largely surround daily life around the White House and President Obama’s reelection. The First Ladies pinboards include “around the White House,” “Great Memories,” and “Fathers Day.”

I find it interesting to be able to get a peak of daily life at the White House, and think it’s a great way to normalize the President and his family.

What do you think? Is Pinterest worth the First Lady’s time?

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Samuel Lovett

Normalizing, yes. Whether it’s worth her or her staffer’s time is another question. I’d like to see them eventually incorporate “Let’s Move!” initiative content with Pinterest because I think she does a lot of good there.

It’s definitely less questionable than some other executive branch social media campaigns: read Snickers’s blog, Nebraska’s first puppy.

Corey McCarren

I think the benefit of Pinterest is that it’s not particularly time-consuming. If it were, I may feel differently. She can definitely do some great work encouraging exercise via these channels.

Also, my parents dogs have Facebook pages. I think dogs need to stay off social media, personally lol.

Chris Cairns

It’s a good tactic if it helps Obama get re-elected and if it’s being paid with campaign dollars. Not sure I’d be too thrilled about tax-paying dollars going to her staff to “PinIt” all day long unless it’s a legitimate communications function.