How Do You Identify Your Customers?

GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service In Government

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest resource, The GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government. In this report, experts in the field provide best practices on how to improve customer service in government. Be sure to check out the report home page for all the latest GovLoop Customer Service Resources.

Identifying customers can be a huge challenge in government, mostly because there are such a wide range of “customers” that each agency has to deal with. How can you have an integrated customer service approach with customers who are as different as night and day?

To make up for this customer service in government is decentralized. Some areas of the agency are in charge of providing customer service internally, helping departments within the agency, while others are in charge of providing customer service externally, to other agencies and clients. To make it more complicated, customers at regulating agencies and service-oriented agencies have completely different approaches. Regulating agencies do not have the luxury of clear customer service metrics and goals like service-oriented agencies.

In order to best serve customers, it is essential to identify who your customers are! It sounds basic, but it is essential to figure out what programs of government your customer is consuming, and how to best help them. As outlined in the report, one way to do this is to utilize multiple channels of communication to reach the customers, and get a better idea of their experience. These channels include, but are not limited to websites, social media, in-person centers, call centers, and paper forms.

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Who are the customers at your agency?

What strategies do you use to provide services?

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