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GovBytes: Millions of tax-payer dollars saved by Oregon’s use of video-conferencing

As the number of agencies and businesses choosing to host video-conferences rather than in-person meetings grows, so do the savings, as well as the environmental benefits. Oregon has been boosting its video-conference efforts, and has a lot to boast about regarding the benefits of the conferences. In total, it’s estimated that Oregon has saved $2 million as a direct result of these virtual meetings. 15% of the 20% of agencies hosting video-conferences use the web-based program iLinc. The agencies have identified these savings using the Green Meter dashboard. Regarding the reasons for using iLinc, Theme Grenz, program manager of Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services, had this to say:

“Each of our agencies kind of work in their own silos … When they initially want to come onto iLinc, it’s the conversation about efficiency, reduced travel and the ability to connect with anyone in the state. That’s a big deal.”

Oregon Saves Millions with Web Conferencing

Grenz also said that he believes that there’s room for improvement, as the Green Meter doesn’t calculate savings in terms of facilities and materials used.

Should tax-payer funded agencies be required to use video-conferencing as often as possible?

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