GovBytes: Most confusing hi-tech terms of the decade (so far) named at SXSW

With new technology constantly emerging, I often find myself Googleing what exactly the latest hi-tech term means, and I’m certainly not alone. The Global Language Monitor, a media analytics company which tracks language trends,determines a yearly list of the most confusing hi-tech jargon, which is presented at the SXSW Conference. The list is determined using an algorithm they created, and the list of the most confusing terms since 2010, presented at this years SXSW, is as follows:

1. Big Data
2. The Cloud
3. The Next Big Thing
4. Social Discovery
5. Web 2.0 (3.0 and so on)

6. Solid State (as in “solid state” disks)
7. CERN (The acronym of The European Organization for Nuclear Research)
8. Solar Max
9. De-dupe
10. 3G/4G/5G
11. SoLoMo

11 Most Confusing High-Tech Buzzwords

SOA (Solutions Oriented Architecture) was named the most confusing tech acronym of 2012.

What hi-tech terms do you find the most confusing?

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Emily Landsman

A colleague and I just discussed how much we dislike the term “trending” now.

Not really confusing, just annoying.