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5 Lessons for Government from SxSW

The argument has been made (and made and made) that SxSW is So Over ™. Respectfully, I disagree. It is certainly a corporate event—witness Samsung offering to bring a free, charged battery to anyone whose Samsung device is running low—but that doesn’t mean that governments agencies, whether local, state, or federal, should skip out. Indeed,Read… Read more »

Gov20 at SxSW

I’ll be leaving today for Austin, TX, and this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival. As with most years, I’ve completely overbooked myself, but this is the double-edge sword of interesting conferences: there is more to do and see and hear than two eyes, two ears, and one brain can take in. I do planRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 at SxSW 2014

The argument has been made that South by Southwest has outlived its usefulness as a technology and culture festival. Yet the annual gathering, often called “South-by” and spelled SxSW, continues to attract tens of thousands of participants and a docket of speakers that should inspire anyone interested in technology’s impact on nearly any facet ofRead… Read more »

Go (South by South)West, Gov 2.0!

As in prior years,South by Southwest (SXSW, or just SX for initiates) is crowdsourcing their panel selection, and as in prior years, there is a host of Gov 2.0-related offerings. Of the 3,123 proposals this year, 82 have been tagged as “Government or Citizen Engagement.” Those tagged include presentations on law, coding, public participation, openRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Most confusing hi-tech terms of the decade (so far) named at SXSW

With new technology constantly emerging, I often find myself Googleing what exactly the latest hi-tech term means, and I’m certainly not alone. The Global Language Monitor, a media analytics company which tracks language trends,determines a yearly list of the most confusing hi-tech jargon, which is presented at the SXSW Conference. The list is determined usingRead… Read more »

RWJF Joins SXSW Accelerator Panel

Remember back in October when Chris Hall introduced the SXSW Health Accelerator program for next year’s conference? I’m really looking forward to seeing what start-ups get to showcase their stuff. I’m even more excited about the increase in health focused innovations occurring at the biggest conference that I’ve ever attended. Last year was the debutRead… Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Follow SxSW From Your Desk?

SxSW Interactive, one of the best technology conferences you can attend, kicks off today in sunny Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, even though I’m only one mile away, won’t be attending this year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep up with what’s going on in my favorite sessions. At 2:00PM CST, Tim O’Reilly, the founder ofRead… Read more »

Government Data, Collaboration, and Social Entrepreneurship at SXSW Interactive

This weekend, I have the extreme pleasure of moderating two sessions at SXSW Interactive: a Future 15 session on government and technology on Saturday starting at 11:00 a.m. AND a panel on Data-Driven Government on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. The latter panel features Aneesh Chopra, the first Federal Chief Technology Officer of the United States,Read… Read more »