GovBytes: Robot Technology to Improve Public Safety

According to an article on Government Technology, new automated devices and robots are changing law enforcement as we know it. The invention of these new devices is widening the range of public safety efforts, while simultaneously making these efforts significantly less dangerous.

A variety of devices have been created in order to aid police in their missions. To highlight a few:

1) Drones help safely “extend the eyes and ears” of the police for observation and investigation

2) Fingerprints can now automatically be scanned and checked on mobile devices against databases at police stations of all levels

3) 3-D scanner technology now allows officials to gather a better picture of the crime scene for investigations, complete with exact measurements.

Will cyborgs and other machines be replacing humans in the law enforcement?

Although iRobot’s machines can cut wires and lift certain items, the extent of that manipulation is less than that of a 7-year-old’s fingers, so the robots really can’t replace human hands for complex tasks. Current-generation robots also can’t right themselves if they tip over, he said, so a person would need to go and get the machine.

What do you think about this technology? Do you feel just as safe being protected by a “RoboCop” as you would by a human cop?

RoboCop Revisited: How Automation is Transforming Public Safety


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