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Shooting For The Moon: Google Pushes Toward A Robot Driven Future

Many of us are familiar with the saying: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Well Google’s latest moonshot, the development of a whole new generation of more dexterous robots, may produce bright opportunities for government. These robots could potentially make feds’ lives both easier and safer as theyRead… Read more »

Innovation and Robotics: The Uncanny Valley of Death

The Jetsons premiered almost 50 years ago, but where’s Rosey? Science fiction has been predicting the rise of robotics in daily life for decades and, for the most part, science fact has delivered, with ever-improving artificial intelligence driven by faster processors, and continued advancements in mechanical engineering allow machines to perform increasingly complex physical functions.Read… Read more »

Will Machines Always Make Life Easier?

There was a time when we stopped looking at machines as making our lives’ easier and started looking at the jobs they were replacing–and, indeed, they began replacing jobs. Some people were much in hate with machines then–except the owners and inventors. My apologies to those of you who develop training apps and sell theRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Robot Technology to Improve Public Safety

According to an article on Government Technology, new automated devices and robots are changing law enforcement as we know it. The invention of these new devices is widening the range of public safety efforts, while simultaneously making these efforts significantly less dangerous. A variety of devices have been created in order to aid police inRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: Youtah, Robot Uprisings, and Comic Sans’ Revenge

Having a short week was nice, no? It came quickly, but believe it or not, it’s time for the… Friday Fab 5! Well it’ll be back to the normal grind next week, but in the meantime, why not sit back, relax, and take a reflect on some of the top content here on GovLoop. Today’sRead… Read more »

2010 Ultimate Wave Gadgets and Robots List (Partial List)

If you need to know how to install a Goole Wave gadget extention, click here. 1. Wave with Twitter–Add [email protected] to your contact list and follow the instructions you’ll receive inside the wavelet. It uses Twitter’s oAuth mechanism to log you in. The wave with the Tweety is updated in a real time. 2. Invity-ARead… Read more »