GovBytes: Using Technology to Manage Traffic Congestion

The West Coast is famous for being sprawling, but some cities are now using technology to reduce traffic congestion. According to a recent article in Government Technology, some of their innovative solutions include:

  • Green lights that automatically adjust with traffic flows in Portland
  • Creating HOT lanes that allow drivers to pay varying rates depending on the number of people in the car in Los Angeles
  • An app that helps locate available parking spaces in San Francisco

Solving traffic congestion often involves enormous cost — frequently funded by bond measures — and construction conditions that temporarily make the problems even worse. The recent economic recession took some drivers off the road, but as the sluggish recovery progresses, America’s localities will face new traffic slowdowns, according to the report.

Parking Tech Helping Big Cities Ease Congestion

Unfortunately, congestion is only projected to get worst, and some academics argue that adding capacity will only encourage more people to clog the roads. Is your city using technology in innovative ways to solve traffic problems? How would you use technology to making commuting easier?


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