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How ‘Smart City’ Tech Can Ease Local Parking Woes and Set Local Businesses up for Success

When it comes to personal automobiles, policymakers tend to focus on concerns such as emissions and safety, but there’s one problem they often overlook: parking. How can cities and towns alleviate consumer frustration while taking advantage of potential revenue? Technology is the answer.

INFOGRAPHIC: Using Technology to Solve Persistent Urban Issues

The impact of technology on our cities, governments, and society at large is undeniable. It’s amazing to see how the Internet of Things, mobile technology, and collaborative innovation are being applied to solve challenges in medicine, transportation, and education. One exciting application of this technology is to solve a problem we all know and loatheRead… Read more »

Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do It Right 5. Transact and Transform.

By Andreas Muno Reach your people when it matters” was the motto of last week’s post. This week, we shall look into mobilizing monetary transactions and applications for applications [I cannot resist puns, and will not apologize, either ]. More convenience for motorists saves cities money When citizens and employees requested online access to governmentRead… Read more »

GovBytes: NYC Tests Potential Solution to Parking Woes

Those living in cities are more than familiar with circling blocks for parking spots, unable to find one. New York City, however, is testing a solution that’s been tried in San Francisco. NYC will be utilizing small sensors placed on the ground in parking spots which will transmit information on whether or not a parkingRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Using Technology to Manage Traffic Congestion

The West Coast is famous for being sprawling, but some cities are now using technology to reduce traffic congestion. According to a recent article in Government Technology, some of their innovative solutions include: Green lights that automatically adjust with traffic flows in Portland Creating HOT lanes that allow drivers to pay varying rates depending onRead… Read more »

Downtown Revitalization and Parking Planning – By Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow When planning a downtown revitalization project the goal is to get people to come back to downtown and shop and spend money. Due to issues such as urban flight many people have moved into the suburbs and new businesses have sprung up there. Many lower income people have been stuck in theRead… Read more »