Government 2.0 and the new economy

I just worry. I can’t help but worry about how the new economy is going to affect us in many ways – yes, we all think about how it will affect our families, covering our basic needs, work. But, is this going to affect how people see Web 2.0 and social networking tools? Is this going to be considered a waste of time and resources that are valuable more now than ever? I worry.

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Pam Broviak

As someone who spends taxpayers money, I worry a lot too. Actually I could say I worry on a daily basis about each decision I make trying to make sure it is the right thing to do and that I am doing it in the most economic and efficient manner.

And even then, there are those in the community who don’t get the whole story or all the facts about a decision, and then they get upset at what I have done. And with money tight, they will question each decision even more. That is why government work is so challenging and not for the faint at heart – well at least if you really care which I feel confident in saying anyone taking the time to join GovLoop does.

I have found talking to people and asking their opinion helps a lot. So that is how I approach the Web 2.0 stuff. I bring it up in discussions with other staff and with members of our community. And ask them what they think – kind of like an offline Web 2.0 session. And, like most changes, I try to start slow and at the lowest cost possible. Maybe we should be treating implementation of social media and Web 2.0 like we treat most government programs – by starting with a community think-tank or brainstorming session then building an advisory committee from that.

Franciel Azpurua Linares

i agree. The key would be to really make people understand the benefits of this technology. Now, when jobs are being lost and budgets are being cut web 2.0 might not be a priority… ideas are welcome!