Government Conferences: Now What? (Archived Webinar)

Government Conferences: Now What?
Succeeding in Challenging Economic and Regulatory Times
NAGC was one of the sponsors of this webinar, which you can see now on-demand at no charge, with the transcript available for download.
Former ABC Network News correspondent Barbara Pinto guides us through an exploration of changes, challenges and opportunities brought about by the budget, the scandals and the expanding need for government, the private sector, and academia to communicate and collaborate.
Topics included:
  • The traditional conference is under attack; why and how?
  • Strategies for 2013 that consider current budget and travel restriction!
  • Does technology have the answers? What are the options?
  • Does virtual connectivity really work? What do you gain and what do you lose?

Guests included:
  • Hon. Jay M. Cohen, RADM, USN (Ret.)
  • Carol Bonasaro, President, Senior Executives Association (SEA)
  • John Verrico, President-Elect, NAGC [download slides]
  • Adam Arthur, Virtual Platform Initiative Lead, CDC
  • Theo Mayer, Chief Technology Officer, Hybrid Conferences Inc.
  • Cecily Sommers, Author and futurist
  • Daniel Dubno, Emmy-award winning TV producer

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