Government Innovation Launchpad

Check out how one group is tapping into the crowd to get ideas for how to better Government:

A platform designed to significantly open-up the public sector marketplace to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Included in the package was the concept of Product Surgeries – opportunities for SMEs to “pitch” innovative products and services to Government. Through the Innovation Launch Pad the Cabinet Office is now inviting SMEs to pitch their business proposals for products and services they can provide to drive better value for money for Government. Using this site, SMEs can submit their business ideas between Monday 28th March and Friday 22nd April.

The best ideas will be handpicked by a community of civil servants and, after intensive mentoring from a team including Hermann Hauser, Mike Lynch and Jon Moulton, these suppliers will be invited to present their ideas at a Product Surgery in the summer. Downing Street will also host a reception for those with the best ideas. This will stimulate new, open competitions in Government markets in which these suppliers will be able to participate. Read more about this on the FAQs and the “How it Works” pages.

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