Government shut down…. take care of your plants!

I can’t even begin to describe the anger I have for Congress right now. To think they’re nit picking over a 5 month budget while the rest of us hang in the balance.

My advice? Vote. Vote this November. Vote the cowards out.

Now on to something really important. Please box up your office/cubicle plants and make sure you take them home. I would hate to think Congress bringing government to halt killed thousands of plants.

I’m setting up my out of office reply as we speak. Hopefully I’m wrong…..

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Mary Kemp

I’m angry too! In the past five years, I have STOPPED voting for anyone with a “R” behind their name and the same goes for the Tea Partiers. These people are frauds. They claim to be christians, but it’s all a big lie when you have the corporations like the Koch Brothers behind them. Jesus would not treat the poor like the Republicans and Tea Partiers do which again verifies to me that they are not christian. I just can’t figure out why the evangelical right can not see through these clowns. Read your BIBLE, evangelical right. Become real christians that care about the poor!