GovLaunch: Finally! An App Contest For the Rest of Us

Ever gazed longingly at an advertisement for an app competition, thinking “if only I knew more about computer programming, I could win that thing”? You’re in luck. A new contest called the NYC BigApps Idea Challenge, which will be live for the next month, was created for people like you. What sets it and similar app contests apart from those that came before is that they’re open to people with big ideas but without the technical skills needed to translate those ideas into actual products. Winners of this contest could see their ideas become reality.

New York City’s Next Apps Contest — No Programming Needed

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Jeff Ribeira

This is pretty cool. I was also just reading today that NYC is hosting a competition to redesign all the direction maps around town for tourists and locals alike. Sounds like NYC is really getting into this whole crowd-sourcing thing…

Donna Lee O'Brien-Torres

Not really understanding how to view and share bc when I click on “view and share” it just opens to the pic above? Any suggestions?

Donna Lee O'Brien-Torres

Thanks Michael, I assumed that it was accessible thru the “view and share” button. Will ck it out. Thanks again.