GovLoop Intern Blog: Gov2.0 Expo Fun

Well the past two days have been very eventful for me. Tuesday night I went to the Gov 2.0 Expo TweetUp at RFD with Mr. GovLoop and met some amazing people. I just cannot believe that I am brushing elbows with some of the brightest and most influential individuals in Gov 2.0. So far I’ve met Bill Eggers, Nick Charney, Steve Radick (Social Media Strategy), Laurel Ruma (O’Reilly), Kam Lasater (SeeClickFix) along with groups of individuals from Canada and the UK who work on innovative ways to engage government.
Yesterday I was able to hear Tim Berners-Lee speak, he created the World Wide Web, (pretty sweet). I was able to get a signed copy of Tim O’Reilly’s book and chat with him for a bit.

He is just such a tech rockstar.

I played Wii with the people from Palantir; learned about Teleplace, which is a virtual world specifically tailored to businesses and governments. And I got my first Chia Pet as part of Drupal Gardens which is a new service platform, similar to WordPress.

I hope the Chia Pet doesn’t die and kudos for the unique marketing! I tried the site out and it didn’t exactly work, so once I figure that out I will post it.

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Arvind Nigam

Guys, guys u seriously do not know a thing about how it feels missing all the fun…uh uh 🙁


Attia Nasar

Nick – Isn’t there a rule somewhere to not tease the new interns? I’ll be around today so I will make sure to see you!

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey – Adriel – you should have Attia on the show on Sunday night. I actually think her perspective as someone fresh to the space would be pretty cool! Revive all of us who have been fighting in the trenches for awhile with her positive energy! 😉

Steve Radick

It was GREAT meeting you at the Expo Attia – you’re working with a great team over there. Keep us posted on the great work that you’re going to be doing!