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Mashable’s Summermash in DC

Last night I attended Mashable‘s Summer Tour. It was at USAToday’s headquarters in McLean, VA (gorgeous building). It was really exciting to meet Adam Ostrow and the rest of the Mashable Team (after having read so many of their articles). It was cool brushing elbows with people from DCI Group, CGAP, Intridea, CouplesSpark, Parature andRead… Read more »

Monitoring and Measuring Wildlife (Social Media)

Danielle Brigida is the Digital Marketing Manager for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Her work has garnered national attention. She will be speaking at the Advanced New Media Strategies for Federal Government in October on “Monitoring and Measuring Traffic on New Media Sites.“ Danielle has been working at NWF for the past four years whereRead… Read more »

Crowd sourcing Meetup

Last night I attended “CrowdFlower’s Crowdsourcing Work Meetup” with Lukas Biewald, founder of CrowdFlower, Chris Callison-Burch, assistant research professor in the Computer Sciences department at John Hopkins University, and Heather Blanchard from Crisis Commons. All had really great examples of how crowd sourcing is changing the way we work and its impact on humanitarian effortsRead… Read more »

Innovation 2.0 – Seth Godin

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear Seth Godin speak. Here are some tips from him on how to be a Linchpin (this is all paraphrased): On people: -Go beyond the manual. FAIL, FAIL, and FAIL again (failure was a common theme discussed throughout the morning). -You cannot succeed by doing just what you areRead… Read more »

Social Media for Gov Conference: Agency Blogs

I’m currently at a conference on Social Media for Government. Curtis “Bob” Burns from TSA is speaking on “How to engage the public with an agency blog.” The TSA Blog was launched in 2008; so far there are 250 posts, with over 2 million visitors and over 30,000 published comments. It is a successful exampleRead… Read more »

Connective Technologies: Meetup with the State Department

Yesterday I attended a Meetup with the State Department at NAPA. The theme for the event was connective technologies and how can we use the internet as a catalyst to bring people together. The speakers were Alec Ross, Senior Advisor for Innovation in the Office of Secretary of State; Scott Heiferman, Co-Founder & CEO ofRead… Read more »

DC Week: Data BBQ

Yesterday I attended the Data BBQ. The mix of people there was great, govies, privates and nonprofs. It was held at Insomniac Designs, really gorgeous office space with a fabulous roof top. Here are some photos/videos from the BBQ. More videos to come throughout the week! As you entered, everyone was asked to write theirRead… Read more »

DC Week Kick Off Party

Last night was the DC Week Kickoff Party, hosted by Palantir and held at Long View Gallery. It was a big event with close to 1000 people in attendance. A friend best described the event to me as a “kids birthday party but for adults”. There were various stations of art, photography, dancing, music andRead… Read more »