GovLoop Poll Results – Week Ending June 14, 2009

Why did you join government?

57% Mission
7% Money
11% Stability
7% Benefits
18% I fell into it

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jana gallatin

That’s pretty incredible. More than half of govt workers joined to contribute their heads, hearts, and hands to a mission.

I wonder what the results would have been if one of the options had been “challenging projects.”


I agree – I think people forget that most gov’t workers participate for the mission. Leaders should make sure to emphasize the mission in daily work. It’s not only bonuses that get employees performing – it’s feeling that their work matters to the mission.

Adam Arthur

@GovLoop – The mission is what mainly keeps me happy. Making a difference fills voids and also makes me overlook some of the other negatives that may come along with the job. 🙂

Jeffrey Levy

How many responses were there?

From the people I know at EPA, the results don’t surprise me at all. Every day, I’m inspired by people who are absolutely dedicated to protecting the environment.

Adam Arthur

@Jeffrey Levy – at the time of this poll, Steve was only able to give me an estimate between 50-100 people per poll per week. We are working on gathering that info better. 🙂