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Creating a Performance-and-Results Culture in Your Agency

How do you create a performance-and-results culture in your agency? Background. Over the past two decades, the performance movement has made steady progress. It has resulted in a focus on performance and results via strategic and annual operating plans, a supply of performance information to track progress of these plans; a demand for performance informationRead… Read more »

Performance Budgeting: Lessons from the States

When times are tight and states have effect performance budgeting processes, they are less likely to use across-the-board cuts. Are there lessons here for the federal government? New research findings by a team led Dr. Daniel Mullins at American University examine recent state-level trends in the use of performance budgeting or “budgeting for results” approaches.Read… Read more »

Baltimore’s Outcome Budgeting Approach

Budgets, and budget reform, are sensitive topics at the moment, but it might be worthwhile to take a longer view of the issue to see what might be possible in the future, given the experiences of states and cities that have undertaken significant reforms. The topic of performance budgeting has been talked about for decades.Read… Read more »

What Does Performance Management Look Like in India?

Sometimes it is refreshing to look at how other countries approach the challenge of measuring and managing performance in their governments. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a World Bank seminar where the Secretary of Performance Management for the Government of India described how his country is doing it. Background. In June 2009,Read… Read more »

Focus and Goofing Off

Recently, I was talking with Dick about keys to successful results. We identified focus as an important element contributing to superior outcomes. Today was one of those rare balmy January days in Washington, DC, hovering around 60 degrees, so Dick and I headed to a nearby course for a round golf. While returning to ourRead… Read more »

Government Reform: Insights for the Future of the Movement (Part 6)

World Bank seminars this past Spring surprised me when I learned that several developing countries seem to be on the cutting edge of the global performance movement. But the series offered some occasionally cautionary insights, as well, as to what may be next for the movement. Some encouraging insights for the global performance management movementRead… Read more »