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GovLoop Project of the Week – ActiveGovernment

It seems more people are trying to be more involved and active in the cities and counties in which they live; me included. With the advancement of technology and the ability to handle multiple tasks online, there is no doubt a greater need for cities and counties to beef up their online systems for citizen participation. Many times, citizens appear to be uninterested, but most times just lack access to key officials in their town, knowledge of departments and have a general loss of where to go or whom to speak with regarding citizen related concerns. These gaps in communication can be closed if more municipalities implement solid online services.

“ActiveGovernment provides superior citizen service and streamlines citizen access management with ActiveGovernment’s integrated solutions, designed specifically for government, from the ground up.”

Looking at some of the features in this product suite. thinking about how I’d like to become more involved in my city of residence and what is lacking in terms of residential service; I saw great potential in what ActiveGovernment has to offer.

This post is focusing on three of the four services within the Citizen Access Suite.

In addition to the features above, web content management is equally important. We’ve all visited websites for various things related to where we live and I’m sure some of those sites have been so poorly designed and lacked a decent navigation, you got frustrated and probably never returned. Using a solid web content management system can combat those flaws and greatly benefit the citizen.

The ActiveGovernment Web Content Management System Includes:

Available Integrated eGovernment Services Modules:
* Community Event and Meeting Calendars
* Agenda and Meeting Minute Document Library
* Procurement, RFP and Bid Management
* Citizen Requests, Polls and Surveys
* Newsletters, Email subscriptions
* Online payments
* Staff and Service Directory

Content Management:
* High performance engine
* Document management library with version control
* Rules-based, multi-level automated approvals
* Role-based security authorization and automatic tracking, history and audit trails
* Multi-site management, group management
* Real-time publishing
* Quick-edit mode
* Portal functionality
* Extensible report management

*Integration with ActiveGovernment’s Knowledge Management solution and ActiveCommunities suite of activity registration software

ActiveGovernment is one of many services that provides systems with a mission to maximize citizen participation. This is a positive for many municipalities seeking such services. The more organizations that build these types of systems, the better the services and features will be, which helps build stronger communities with maximum involvement.

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