GovLoop Project of the Week – MyGov: Cities Serving Citizens

The ability to provide common services to citizens via the web is a growing need. There are some cities whom have enough funding to hire an in-house team to develop a full fledged system, some may have the ability to contract the work out, but others may not have the resources to take on such a major tasking. For those cities, a service like MyGov could be the next best thing.

What is MyGov about?

MyGov builds, maintains and hosts high-end, web-based, feature rich applications with clean, simple interfaces, a progressive, unique tracking approach, built-in web-access for all users, and a host of other unique features and benefits.

MyGov allows government and non-government entities to work together through a common interface. These entities share a common technology base and technicial expertise. By working together, the entities greatly reduce costs, government and non-government entities seamlessly work together, and everyone has access to a set of products and feature sets that greatly exceeds what they could normally afford or could maintain.

Some of the common features and benefits include?

# Online Action Center
# Download Center
# Report & Subscription Center
# Report Builder
# Online Payments
# Fee Estimation Tools
# Quick Filter / Search Tools
# Warning Features
# Tracking Features
# To-Do Lists
# Notes & Pick-Lists
# Mobile Device Capabilities
# GIS Options
# Software Integration
# Data Archiving / Protection
# Kiosk Capabilities
# Control / Setup Options

MyGov Modules:

Permits and Inspections module integrates all internal and external users, such as plan reviewers, inspectors, clerks, building officials, contractors, engineers, decision and policy makers, etc.

Code Enforcement module integrates all functions from complaints, inspections, legal notifications and abatements, to invoicing and liens.

Public Works system tracks project status, related labor, material and equipment costs, and includes an intuitive material ordering system that will remind you when something needs to be ordered. Use the system to track your internal jobs as well as outsourced jobs, engineers, consultants and construction crews.

License Registration system manages the entire process from application, review, issuance, renewal, and printing licenses and registrations. The system can be fully customized to set up information to be collected, and any number of approval steps (includes review and inspection tools), schedules, renewal processes, fees (initial and renewal), calendar tools, renewal notifications and “To Do” lists. Everything you need is here.

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Ethan Bell

The City of Manvel has been using MyGov for the last four. It has been a very useful tool for our Permits & Inspections department.