GovLoop Project of the Week – OhMyGov!

In the spirit of the happy holiday season; I thought I would keep the project of the week light and entertaining. A couple of weeks ago I ran across a Government news site called OhMyGov! that I found extremely refreshing, a tad humorous and very intelligent.

What is OhMyGov! about?

OhMyGov! was founded and funded by 3 guys looking to make a difference ― an experienced government executive, a motivated government contractor, and an enterprising investigative journalist. Fed up with the blame shifting, petty office politics, and limited imagination in Washington, we built a news site to capture the passion and frustration that only government inspires. OhMyGov!”

Why these guys do it!

OhMyGov! wants better government ― a more creative, more efficient, smarter government. We set out to do the unthinkable: build a website about government that was interesting and fun to read. We offer an entertaining mix of “good gov” stories about public sector innovations and advances and comforting “bad gov” tales of government embarrassments and outrages. In short, we cover anything that makes you say OhMyGov!”

How it all began….

OhMyGov! spawned from real experiences working in and reporting on government. We could sit you down and talk your ear off about the red tape, office politics, blame shifting, poor access to information, limited imagination, and lack of motivation we witnessed. But you’ve probably got a bunch of your own stories to tell. They can be amusing anecdotes, but they’re also maddening because they overshadow the stories of courageous leadership, duty, responsibility and forward thinking exhibited by the finest in government.”

“Suffice it to say that an experienced government executive, a motivated government contractor, and an enterprising investigative journalist got together, began sharing these stories, and ended up with the outlines of the website you’re now reading. “

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Richard Hartman

Naomi, Thanks for the nice Blog about OhMyGov! and spreading the word. We’ve worked close with Steve “GovLoop” over the past year and like he want to improve gov. As you noted, we highlight the Gov innovations “Good Gov!”, but we also balance with some “What the Gov?” mistakes, that is how we learn after all. Thanks again, and please continue to spread the word…v/r R. Hartman, co-founder, OhMyGov!

Naomi A. Williams

@Richard I think it is such a brilliant blog about the Government’s ups and downs. It is developed in such a clever way. Kudos to you guys for starting OhMyGov!