GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – 2009 AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 1 Picks

It’s finally here!!! Everyone remain calm.

Okay, the Hokie Guru told you to remain calm.

That was classic… the Hokie Guru will always remember Kevin Bacon’s first movie…

By the way, the great thing about the first weekend of college football is that it’s played ALL weekend long… through Labor Day… which most of us have off as federal government employees. You can find the holidays that we have off in the federal government right here. Let’s get this thing going… here’s the picks for week #1… an excellent week ahead:

1. #16 Oregon at #14 Boise State (Thursday, September 3, 2009, 10:15 PM EST) – This, my fellow Govloopers, is a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) type game for both teams… and it happens week one… the first night of college football. The little guy, Boise State, needs to go 13-0 in order to get to a BCS bowl game… Oregon will be looking for revenge because they lost to Boise State last year (call it the grudge match)… this figures to Wild West Shout Out… both teams are going to score a ton of points in this one. Before I die, I need to go to Boise State for a football game. The Hokie Guru picks the boys on the blue carpet, Boise State, to win.

2. #13 Georgia at #9 Oklahoma State (September 5, 2009, 3:30 PM EST, ABC) – The first of two home games for the Sooner State. The Hokie Guru loves it when teams make their college football schedule as challenging as they can. The Cowboys boast the nation’s top receiver in Dez Bryant… there is no bigger stud this year at that position.. he is a sure 1st-team All-American. At quarterback for the Cowboys is Zac Robinson. He is another player that NFL talent scouts will be evaluation. For Georga, it’s all about strong defense and a ball control offense considering they lose their QB, Matthew Stafford, who was the #1 pick in last year’s NFL Draft. Can Oklahoma State win with a target on its back? Yes, says the Hokie Guru. Oklahoma State wins.

The Hokie Guru hopes that Oklahoma State wins all year because it will give him an excuse to post this video:

3. Maryland at #12 California (September 5, 2009, 10 PM EST, ESPN2) – Let’s be clear… California might score more points in this game than the Terps score their entire season. It’s that bad in College Park. California wins.

4. #20 BYU at #3 Oklahoma (in Dallas, TX, September 5, 2009, 7 PM EST, ESPN) – The second of two home games for the Sooner State (although it’s in Dallas, technically, it’s a home game on the schedule for paperwork purposes). The Hokie Guru will be succinct here… Sam Bradford is the best quarterback in the nation and will be make a lot of money next year in the NFL… he basically came back because he wanted another shot at the BCS title game. The front seven on the defensive line might be the best in all of college football. Here’s an interesting sceario; CFN has the Brigham Young University Cougars going 11-1 this year. Max Hall will be asked to deliver the ball to several targets. And he will because there’s something in the water in Provo… good QBs always come outta there. There are several questions on defense for the Cougars and that’s not a good combo going into a game with Oklahoma. Sooner State goes two for two. Oklahoma wins.

5. #5 Alabama at #7 Virginia Tech (in the ATL – September 5, 2009, 8 PM EST, ABC) – And it’s finally here… you can see my preview of the game right here (the Hokie Guru was asked to blog the game for one of the state’s larger political blogs).

Virginia Tech wins 20-17 in overtime.

Proving once again that the Hokie Guru is a homer.

Have a great week, folks.

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