GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 2 Picks

Welcome to the Hokie Guru’s Preview of the Associated Press Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Week 2 picks. Readers, last week, the Hokie Guru (HG) was on!! He was freakin’!! Yep, last week the HG picked the big upset, Alabama over Clemson. The HG’s record was a stellar 19-3 (and the HG rightfully had concerns on the Pittsburgh Panthers and his own Virginia Tech Hokies). The HG continues to love talking in the third person. The HG recommends the use of plain language in the federal government; leave the third person to the battle-tested (whatever that means) HG.

In Week 2, the trip to the bakery for cupcake purchases (e.g. easy wins) continues. This time, many of the cupcakes are directional schools (I’ve never seen so many in my life… you have to think out of the box with the HG’s definition of “direction”). Let’s get right to the task at hand (and the HG will only pick the winner and will not address the spread). Also, this is a modified session, so the HG will not be picking every game this week (the HG will focus on the best nationwide games, including some directional schools, and will not go shopping in the bakery, which means we won’t continue to pick Ohio State’s games against other Ohio schools… please):

1.) Bye Week (After one week of football? What is up?) – #1 University of Southern California (USC… not to be confused with the Palmetto State) – USC is off this week. USC trounced the University of Virginia Cavaliers (e.g. the Wahoos or the ‘Hoos) last week. Really bad. Really, really bad. Really, really, really bad (who cares if the word “really” is repeated many times). So bad, the HG must report the score; 52-7. The HG is pleased with any athletic loss by the Boohoohoos. #21 Fresno State University – The Fresno State Bulldogs are also off this week. The Bulldogs won last week (and the Guru made the awesome pick). Fresno State takes on the #11 Wisconsin Badgers on September 13. #23 University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) will get some rest this week. Rick Neuheisel is the best big game coach in the country. Very, very impressive win over the Tennessee Volunteers. This might make the HG re-think his PAC-10 rankings. Time will tell. A bye after one week for all these teams. It’s either a strategic move or good times. The HG votes good times.

2.) #4 University of Oklahoma vs. University Cincinnati – You want offense? Watch this game. It may be the best game of Week 2. The Oklahoma Sooners win, but the Cincy Bearcats will keep it close until the middle of the third quarter (and that’s when the Sooners depth takes over).

3.) #5 University of Florida vs. the University of Miami – On paper, this game looked awesome five years ago when it was scheduled. That was then, this is now. The Miami Hurricanes are not a good team. Florida is going to win very, very big. This makes the HG a very, happy man.

4.) #8 West Virginia University vs. East Carolina University (ECU) – In a classic matchup of state-supported directional higher education institutions, the Burning Couch Masters win. The HG does not have the guts to pick the upset, but would not be surprised if the ECU Pirates came through (they upset the HG’s Hokies last week!!).

5.) #17 University of South Florida (USF) vs. University of Central Florida (UCF) – In another classic match-up of state-supported directional higher education institutions, the South Florida Bulls win the battle of Interstate 4 (USF Bull QB Matt Grothe can’t keep giving bulletin board material to Central Florida. That said, UCF is talking it up, too. It is too bad this rivalry is ending).

The HG is going to step out of his realm for a moment and recommend a movie; make sure you see Pineapple Express. It is hilarious!! The HG has never laughed so much at a movie.

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great movie and great post. of course i’m interested in game 5 and am bullish on the bulls. plus i’m intrigued to see if cincinnati can hang with oklahoma.