GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 3 Picks

Last Saturday, East Carolina University (ECU) beat West Virginia University (the burning couch masters) and is now the odds on favorite to be in the Fiesta Bowl. All they have to do is keep winning, baby (and now my Hokie loss to the Pirates doesn’t look that bad). The ECU Pirates will be under immense pressure in the next few weeks. The Hokie Guru will preview the ECU Pirates when they play Central Florida and Tulsa later in the season.

It’s already the third week of the college football season!! Time flies when you’re having fun with the Hokie Guru in the sports blogosphere, GovLoopers. Again, the Hokie Guru was dynamite last week with his picks (be the ball, GovLoop). He missed ONE game; the game where he thought there might be a potential upset. Sounds like the Hokie Guru’s college football picks could win people a lot of money. Perhaps the Hokie Guru’s picks should be introduced as an additional stock fund option (the HG Fund) in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

On to week three, GovLoopers, and we have a great slate of games this week!!! Here we go:

1. #13 University of Kansas vs. #19 University of South Florida (USF) – The Kansas Jayhawks had an incredibly weak schedule last year. They did not play Texas, Texas Tech, or Oklahoma (but beat the Hokie Guru’s Hokies in the Orange Bowl). Not so this year; they play all three. Were the Jayhawks a fluke team in 2007? We will see on Friday night, September 12, when they take on GovLoop’s USF Bulls. USF George Selvie DE will need a big night against the Kansas offense (and that’s hard when you are double teamed all the time) so that some of the pressure is relieved on the Bulls young cornerbacks. USF Bulls QB, Matt Grothe, cannot be the only offensive option or the game is over. Make no mistake about it; this is the biggest non-conference game in the history of USF. USF will win in an upset!! The Hokie Guru is bullish on the Bulls!!

2. #5 The Ohio State University (OSU) vs. #1 University of Southern California (USC) – Last week, the OSU Buckeyes barely beat Ohio University. What does this tell the Hokie Guru? Two things. First, it tells us that OSU might not have been showing the entire offensive package to USC. Or, two, OSU is going to lose very badly (yes, the Hokie Guru knows the words “very” and “badly” are trite… cut him some slack). The Hokie Guru believes the latter. USC wins. Big!!

3. #10 University of Wisconsin (Whiskey) vs. #21 Fresno State University (FSU) – Guess what? This is the second of three upsets the Hokie Guru will pick this week; FSU will beat Whiskey. The Hokie Guru likes FSU Head Coach Pat Hill’s play “anyone, anywhere, anytime” attitude. Fortunately, FSU has this game at home and had a bye last week. FSU wins this late night battle. Watch this game!!

4. #18 Brigham Young University (BYU) vs. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) – What follows is factitious conversation between GovLoop and the Hokie Guru: GovLoop – Find me an upset (I want the HG Fund to be part of the TSP). Hokie Guru – Your wish is my command, exalted one, and I appreciate your support of the HG Fund. – That’s right, readers… three upsets for the price of none this week. As the Hokie Guru said last week, Rick Neuheisel is the best big game coach in the country. UCLA wins on the road!!

5. #2 University of Georgia vs. University of South Carolina – Georgia is favored by many points; Georgia will win by many points.

6. #23 University of California vs. University of MarylandMaryland lost to Middle Tennessee State last week. What does that tell you? It tells the Hokie Guru that the Maryland Terrapins need to shop at different bakeries; bakeries that don’t include teams from the powerful (sarcasm) Sun Belt Conference or the Pac-10. California wins.

Oh, another note… Dick Vitale (Dicky V.) just put out his early top 20 for NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball. Look who is at #20? Yup, the Guru’s Hokies!! I’m allowed to be a homer from time to time 🙂

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