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State Leaders: Look to Others’ Experience Before You Leap

How do we know if states (or my state) are acting efficiently with tax dollars and if programs or initiatives are working? Surprising, we know little from the states themselves. “Of course, our programs are working,” say the elected politicians! “Our programs are more effective than ever!” say the myriad of special interest groups clamoringRead… Read more »

Google extends fiber project to Kansas City, Missouri

In March, Google announced that it had chosen Kansas City, Kansas to be its first high speed fiber community. Now, thanks to successful lobbying efforts by the community an additional agreement with Kansas City Power & Light and Great Plains Energy, the companies will install fiber-optic lines along existing electrical infrastructure thereby extending the networkRead… Read more »

Great Connections at Kansas City GovUp

Just returned home from the Kansas City GovUp. A hearty thanks to Megan Price and Stephen Peteritas for putting on a great gig! The location provided a nice atmosphere and the food was terrific! But, more importantly, it was about the people and the connections made, often when you would least expect it. I metRead… Read more »

March Madness!!!

Greetings from the Hokie Guru… been a while since I’ve posted here… and I’m in this Executve Master of Public Policy graduate education program at Georgetown University (for Inspector General personnel… you can see more about our mission right here)… it’s taking quite a bit of my time. you can see the curriculum right here.Read… Read more »

Further adventures in social media. (Aaaargh!)

I spent the morning live-tweeting an appearance before a state Senate committee by Kansas Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller. KDOT has proposed a new 10-year transportation plan for Kansas; Secretary Miller appeared before the Senate Transportation Committee to explain some of the highlights of the proposal. Her testimony continues tomorrow morning. I’ll be tweeting itRead… Read more »

Typical Monday

It’s raining outside the window and we’re expecting snow, so I know winter is offically on the way. However, just because it’s dreary outside, doesn’t mean our prospects in Kansas City aren’t sunny. It’s been a typical Monday around the office. This involves the excruciatingly long (but necessary) Monday morning staff meeting. Today we talkedRead… Read more »

The Hokie Guru (Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports)… The Big 12 College Football Preview!!

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We’ve had a lot about those Central Intelligence Agency Inspector General (IG) reports on the abuse inside the secret prisons. If you don’t know about the role of an IG, well, essentially it’s the interal auditing arm of the federal government agency. Here is more about theRead… Read more »